Lanceta Laser

Equipment designed for clinical laboratories and medical centers.
It allows obtaining a blood drop without touching the patient, by means of a micro-perforation of the finger tip done by a laser pulse.
It is made of two parts: first the manual device or trigger that hosts the laser cavity, and secondly the base that contains all controllers and electronic devices.
The equipment ensures the safety of the patient and commands the whole process: potency, right moment and shooting target.
A specialized technician selects the right potency, depending on the patient’ skin hardness: soft, medium or hard.
The equipment shows its functional mode to the technician by means of light signs; it indicates when it is getting ready for the shot and when it can be properly done. A sensor controls the right position of the finger tip without touching the patient.
Medical centers, clinical laboratorios. People interested in the control of diagnosed diseases. .

Pain diminishing effect. It avoids the risk of exposing to communicable diseases, since there is no contact with the patient. It has an approaching sensor for the right positioning of the finger tip. Easy maintenance. Non trash producer. Power autonomy. Low power consumer.

Technical parameters:
Pulse energy (maximum): 0,5 J
Wave length: 2,9 um
Power supply: 110 V / 12V
A compact device designed for an easy incorporation to a Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) set up. It includes both single and multipulse emission, output coupled to an optic fiber and TTL trigger output with delay generation
Cleaning Laser Equipment
Equipment for cleaning surfaces; it evaporates dirt without affecting substrate by means of high-potency laser pulses that are adjustable and short lasting. It is movable, monolithic, it contains two main parts: a cavity for hosting laser generating electronic parts, and a manual trigger that allows more mobility to the operator.
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