A compact device designed for an easy incorporation to a Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) set up. Besides being compact, light weighted, having built in cooling system and output coupled to an optic fiber, its operation is very simple. A control system allows selection of working parameters such as, mono or multi-pulse emission, whether pulses are commanded manually, by internal or external trigger. For all cases the device generates a TTL signal with delay generation and synchronized to the laser pulse. It also has an additional 5VDC/1A power source.

LIBS set ups, Research laboratories or any application not requiring high repetition rates of laser pulses.

Single and multi-pulse emission on the same device.
Output coupled to an optic fiber.
Output of laser pulse synchronized TTL signal with delay generation.
Compact, light weighted, autonomous.

Technical parameters:
Pulse energy: Single pulse 44 mJ (max 170 mJ, 4 single pulses)
Pulse duration: 20 ns
Wavelength: 1064 nm
Power: 220VAC/3A (max). 24VDC Optional
Dimension: (350 x 160 x 160) mm
Weight: 5 kg

Price: from 10,000.00 USD

Lanceta Laser
Equipment designed for clinical laboratories and medical centers. It allows obtaining a blood drop without touching the patient, by means of a micro-perforation of the finger tip done by a laser pulse.
Cleaning Laser Equipment
Equipment for cleaning surfaces; it evaporates dirt without affecting substrate by means of high-potency laser pulses that are adjustable and short lasting. It is movable, monolithic, it contains two main parts: a cavity for hosting laser generating electronic parts, and a manual trigger that allows more mobility to the operator.
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